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B-29 Air Rescue, kadena AFB, Circa 1952
Dewey Thomas wrote: "Photo is one of ( 4) SB-29s assigned to 2nd Air Rescue Sqdn, Flight D at Kadena AFB ,Okinawa;
picture taken about April 1952. (Note : Flight C, had SA-16's & helicopters). As a rescue organization,we maintained an
alert shack (tent) alongside an airplane for immediate departure. The "routine" for the 4 planes was that each plane/crew
( in a rotation schedule) flew escort missions for the bomb groups. Rescue acft "took-off" first, orbited off  end of runway
until last bomber had departed, then all flew together to Korea. Upon return "we" would orbit off the approach end until all
bombers had landed---made for a long flight. In addition ,within our range of operation , we responded to any emergency of downed
acft at sea. The first few missions to Korea was with full ammo; however, it was quickly learned--big mistake, so no more
ordnance--- the SB-29 boat/drag load was very high and those first flights about didn't make it back-LOW fuel!"

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