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   Bud Farrell writes: “This marvelous picture of a 307th Bomb Wing ship by Sam Adams captures the essence of preflighting by gunners on engine stands, pressure checking engines from inside the nacelle of #1 engine, through #4 … after having preflighted the turret system and armed the guns … 4 –50s pointing skyward, the upper aft escape hatch open, the putt-putt running (can you hear it?) … to turn the engines for throttle and mixture control positions and for fuel pressure leaks … the calm before the storm … The East  China Sea on the horizon, waiting!  Namsi beyond!”    Bud’s book, NO SWEAT, is available from AuthorHouse (click)

To see the left gunner’s “office,” <click here>

For a Mission View of 44-27347, <click here>


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