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                             Multiple Units: B-29s Over Korea: Web Site by Wayland Mayo     "B-29 in Korea" by Ted Kalogeris  

                                     April 12, 1951 Mission


19bG: 19th Bombardment Association    19th BG in Korea: Web Site by Wayland Mayo    Korean War Project

28BS: 28BS Video from Bob Harris       Mac's Crew Video from Bob Harris

  “Many Planes, Many Missions” by Clyde Durnam


93BS: “The B-29 in MiG Alley” by Bud Farrell


22BG: Korean War Project





55SRW: Korean War Project

31SRS: "A Tribute in Honor of Robert A Mitchell Jr." by Tom Mitchell (Acft # 44-61813)


56SRS: Korean War Project


92BG: Korean War Project





98 bG:  History, 1947-1954 by  Herb Harper    Korean War Project   98 BG, Korea 1951. Max Nelson’s web site



345BS: Lt. Myron Sestak Dedication by Ray Sestak


307BW: "Black Tuesday" by Norman E. Duquette       Korean War Project



            372BS: Video: 1951(Boeing B-29 Superfortress Over Korea)


WW II B-29 Web Sites

Trevor McIntyre's "For Mother and Country, a B-29er's War

 40th Bomb Group Association     330th Bomb Group (VH) Guam 1944-1945

346th Bomb Group Web Site      505th Bomb Group Tinian           Z Square 7


(General) Boeing B-29 Superfortress Web Sites

About.com – B-29s Dropping Bombs

Aviation Enthusiasts Corner (includes known serial #s)      B-29 Sounds, Hells Angels Web Site

British B-29s? History of the Washington.

"Lake Mead’s B-29" by In Depth Consulting           Sallyann Wagoner's top rated site

Warbird-Central.Com—History of B-29s listed by serial #s



Other Aviation & Military-Related Web Sites

B-36 Peacemaker Museum

Cold War Stories, Related Tales & Commentary by Charles Stone

Dokdo Incident Interview    

The Forgotten: A film depicting the journey of a U.S. Tank Platoon in the Korean war

“Russian Aces Over Korea” by  Diego Zampini   Russian Aviation Pages, Korean War by A. Gretchikhine

"Target: North Korea" Federation of American Scientists

Yellow Airplane dot com




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