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  My crew the morning we took off for the states after completing our Korean War tour.
Front Row, left to right
Aircraft Commander: Lt. Don B. Thompson, Kansas City, Missouri; Pilot: Me; Navigator: Lt. Wesley W. Rogers,
Waco Texas; Bombardier: Lt. Charles J. Darkins, Joliet, Illinois; Radar: Lt. Hershel L. Davenport, Las Cruces, N. M.
Rear Row, left to right
Flight Engineer: T/Sgt. James A. Sexton, Elkhart, Indiana; Radio: S/Sgt. Donald A. Brooks, Monterville, W. Va.;
Central Fire Controller: T/Sgt. Arch Deulley, Middlebourne, W. Va.; Gunner: Cpl. John McLeod, Pontiac, Mich.;
Gunner: Cpl. Bobby Harris, Alabama City, Alabama; Tail Gunner: Cpl. Edward F. Ryan, Cannon Falls, Minn. 

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